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The Italian Diagnostic Center, active in Milan since 1975, is an outpatient health maintenance structure equipped with complete services oriented towards the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases in the setting of a day-hospital regime. CDI headquarter is accreditated by Joint Commission International since 2006. From 2018 to 2021 other 15 CDI headquarters received accreditation by JCI. It operates in Lombardia area through a network of 31 structures.

The work force is 1,100, including physicians specialized in the various branches of medicine, health workers, nurses and administrative personal, serving approximately 500,000 patients per year.

CDI boosts a fully accredited facility (Clinical Laboratories and Imaging, a private area, and a sector devoted to various companies). The CDI Clinical Laboratories perform over 5 million tests per year, while the Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Unit employs the most up-to-date and innovative technologies, such as CT/PET, and 6 high-field NMR. Diagnostic Imaging performs over 220,000 tests per year. Also in pursuing of clinical excellence and in accordance with its own mission, CDI has acquired two Cyberknife, the revolutionary radiosurgical robot, which places CDI at the forefront of tumor therapy. At present, there are over 50 services covering a large variety of therapeutic fields which CDI offers for the prevention, diagnosis and cure, taking advantage of the high professionalism of the staff.

Another area of great prestige is the Unit of Day Surgery (over 3,000 procedures per year), a clinical activity that allows the patient to return home on the same day. Another source of pride is the “CDI check-up” (2,500 per year), a sequence of clinical procedures carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist coordinator and which leads to a thoroughly personalized diagnostic procedure.

Last but not least is the area devoted to companies. The CDI, through a technically and scientifically advanced organization, is capable to offer its clients a service which complies with all the regulations prescribed by law by the National Institute of Labor Medicine.

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